Thursday, December 10, 2009

Window Farms

Over the past weekend, I learned about this 'Window Farm' Project from a tweet by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, and I have to say that it is impressive.  For those that live in a house, this is probably not a huge deal, but for those that live in condos or apartments, this project is probably going to be pretty big.  'Window Farms' is a co-operative project that teaches people how to grow their own vegetables in there windows using a hydroponics set up created from items that are readily available around the house. 

I really think this project is cool and is sure to bring out peoples creative sides.  Its especially important to me since I live in Canada were part of the year we can't grow anything outside due to the cold.  So this could help to satisfy the need for fresh vegetables during the winter season.

In any case,  the reason I felt like sharing this project with you (other than the growing benefits), is that they are currently looking for support in this project.  The guys (and gals) at Window Farms want to become a non profit organization, and thus are currently looking for funding to bring them to that goal.  If you are interested in giving or participating in their community just head on over to or click the link here

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