Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Disney’s Upcoming Hand Drawn Films.

snow_queen This is really cool. 

While, every other company has turned to 3-D computer generated animation for films, its good to see Disney returning to its roots and going back to the good old 2-D hand drawn animation. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy many of the computer animation films that come out. I just don’t want to give up my 2-D animation.

I grow up with 2-D animation and I had no problems with it. Movies like the Lion King were amazing in 2-D, and I have to wonder how it would have been had it been computer animation.  I just can’t see the Lion King being as good as it was in anything other than 2-D animation.  In fact, I don’t think that any of Disney’s movies would have been as good in anything other than 2-D animation. 

Don’t get me wrong, they could have all appeared in computer animation, its just they would probably have to be reworked to fit this medium.  And thus, Disney’s past films would all have been very different if they had been produced in computer animation.

Also, its good to see them bringing out a new ‘Winnie The Pooh’ and a new property ‘The Snow Queen’.  Recently, Disney just hasn’t been doing animation.  Well, at lest not doing good animation, as they produced a lot of direct to DVD stuff. (I’m sure Walt Disney would have roll over a few times if he ever saw Lion King 1/2. It was bad.)

In any case, its good to see Disney creating again.  Hopefully Disney can keep the ball rolling this time.

*****By the way, I forgot to site the source of the information for this post.  I found the story over at Slashfilm.  If you want more information just head on over there.

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