Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Defines Us?

That's a question I've been asking myself lately.

Or more specifically, "What is this blog?".  What makes the Chriseverything Blog the Chriseverything blog? Maybe you have been confused yourself about what exactly is the focus of this blog, or just what this blog is about.

Recently, I decided to be more professional with my bloging,  as I felt that it was time to move forward with it.  Plus I was having fun blogging, so it just made sense too.  But, as I went out trying to sell people on my blog the question would always come,  "What is your blog about?".  To this I had a simple reply, "My blog is about everything.  Whatever I want to talk about.  Just take a look."   (That was the best answer I could come up with at the time.)

So the obvious thing to do was to try and put some definition or limits to the blog.  I like being flexible, but I also what to at lest be able to give people and answer when they ask what my blog is about.

Also,  I feel that some people coming to my blog my find it difficult to know what to expect from it, as from day to day, my stories may vary.  Certainly, I have had a big focus on entertainment stories recently, but I know that it could change.  I could feel more moved by a tech story or a videogame story.  And so, I want people to know what to expect.

So what is the Chriseverything blog?

I view this blog as a Technology and Entertainment blog primarily.  Which makes sense given that I'm probably the most interested in Entertainment and Technology, and so I feel they would be a good focus for this blog.

Also, this blog is a commentary blog.  I feel that the big entertainment and technology websites and magazines do a good enough job reporting on the entertainment and technology, and thus, I wouldn't be adding to anything by reporting about them.  Certainly, as you come to the blog you will learn about different things that are happening, but my focus will be on providing commentary.  If you have any additional interest in a story, I welcome you to proceed to the original news story and read any information my post is missing.

Finally, due expect some stories from outside of the Entertainment and Technology world to come from time to time.  I don't want to completely exclude stories outside of Entertainment and Technology, and so I may throw some in.

Well, I hope that this post helps some of you.  Tell me what you think about this change.

Thanks for reading.

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