Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Tron Poster

I'm not sure about you, but from the time I first saw the teaser trailer for Tron Legacy, way back in August at the FanExpo, I've been excited for this film project.  Sure, Tron was a film  from my childhood, and so it would be natural if I felt some kind of appeal for this film because of that.  But for me, its the great visual style they have used to create the movie, as well as, the marketing behind it.

Also, I like that they have really done alot of work to modernize the Tron franchise, yet keep that same visual style from the old film.  The original Tron film was very cutting edge in its time, and I like that they have worked to make Tron Legacy every bit as cutting edge as the original. 

I sincerely hope Tron is as good as it looks. If it is, we could be in for a real treat come next year.

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