Monday, December 14, 2009

Google's Mysterious Countdown

googlecountdownOver the weekend, I was altered via twitter to a mysterious count down on Google’s main page.  If you head on over to Google and click on the ‘I’m Feeling Luck’ button, you will see this countdown appear around the bottom of the page. (Or just look at the picture above.)  The number that appeared when I went to the page was 1728080 and as of the writing of this post the number is now 1490820. 

So, what does this count down mean?  What is Google counting down to?  That was the question the person that I learned of Google’s countdown from was asking.  If you carefully observe the countdown you will see that the countdown is actually in seconds, and doing a little math, I found that the countdown is actually a countdown to New Year’s Day.  Exactly, what Google has planned for New Years Day, I’m not sure. 

But, if your interested to find out how many seconds you will have to wait to the New Year just head on over to Google’s main page and hit the button.

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