Friday, March 27, 2009

Le Hostage!

Presidents and CEO’s of companies better think twice when laying off employee.  (Well at lest if they live in France they should.)  The New York Post is reporting that France has experienced its second “boss napping” in a week, with the kidnapping of Luc Rousselet (plant director of 3M).  Apparently, the union in the plant barricaded Rousselet in his office shortly after he arrived Tuesday morning for work and are now demanding that the company negotiate with the union regarding severance pay.

Now these kidnappings might seem strange (and highly illegal), but I’m kind of wondering why it hasn’t happened before in the US or Canada.  With the amount of layoffs happening its been kind of peaceful.  Then again maybe its happening over there because it works over there.  Apparently, in a boss napping earlier in the week with some officials from Sony, the Union was able to get the company to negotiate.  Whether it will happen here I don’t know.  3M being an American company may not be that willing to negotiate with kidnappers.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Could this be Thor?  Canadian Actor James Preston Rogers seems to think so.  The Movie Blog is reporting that Preston has taken it upon himself to campaign to play Thor in Marvel’s upcoming movie. 

Certainly no one can deny the fact that this guy has the look and the size, etc. for the part, but can anyone take him seriously?  This video is kind of goofy and has definietly worked to get his name around the net, (maybe even to the attention of the guys in charge of the film), but will any filmmaker take him serious after watching this video?  The truth is I don’t know.  Maybe some may feel that it is innovative what this guy did, but I feel they may fell this guy only wants his five minutes.  In any case, it doesn’t really both me if they chose him to play Thor or not.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How do you taste?

That’s a question that George Clooney is probably asking himself.  The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Peta has contacted George Clooney, by letter, to ask him if they could use some of his sweat to flavour tofu.  This all apparently started when Peta received a towel that was reportedly used by Clooney at a Washington D.C. gym.  Peta hopes that by giving away Clooney flavoured tofu (CloFu), it will encourage people to start to buy tofu.

This in truth, is nothing more than a publicity stunt.  Peta’s mission is to try and convert people to vegetarianism (ulltimately), and whether Clooney gives his permission our not doesn’t necessarily matter since they have received the publicity that they wanted.  This whole thing was a setup from the start. How would the person that collected the towel know to send the towel to Peta if Peta wasn’t looking for it already. I hope that Clooney says no to there request and demands an explanation for what happened, since I really do think that this was a bit of an invasion into his private life.