Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 Rules for Rebooting a Star Trek TV Series

A few days ago,  I found this article entitled '6 Rules for Rebooting a Star Trek TV Series'  over on   Although I did agree with the author on many of his points, I disagreed with some of his reasoning, as well as, his 6th rule, "Respect the Timeline".

So, I decided to come up with my own set of rules for a TV series reboot of Star Trek.  But, before I mention these rules I should state that all of this is speculation that there will be a TV series, as there hasn't been a TV series announced yet.
  1. Keep Movie Timeline.  I know that many people will disagree with this rule, but I think that it will be an important rule moving forward. Don't get me wrong I loved the old timeline.  But, I just feel that it has run its coarse, as it just wasn't working with new audiences.  And so, why not allow for a clean break from the original.  You can still have the original series,  they will not be diminished by the fact that the new series does not fall in that same time line with them. 

    Given the success of the Star Trek film, it would be crazy to go back to the original time line, as Paramount is interested in growing the audience for Star Trek, and not just bringing along the old audience. By having the break from the old timeline, it opens it up for new stories to be done without having to be tied to the old timeline.
  3. Respect the Old Audience.  I believe for Star Trek to move forward the series needs to at the very lest appeal to the old audience.  They are the ones that week after week will come back to watch the show and they will be the chief people going out to evangelize the show to others.   So its important for Start Trek to respect its core audience. The chief problem with Enterprise was,  it worked to alienate the old audience and so it ended up not working for anyone.
  5. The Series Must be Compelling.  For this new series to work (if it ever gets announced),  the story lines that it has must be at the compelling.  The characters need to be compelling and mature as the show goes along.  We need storylines that speak to world issues and philospohies, (like the older series). Especially since audiences now a days want more out of there TV series, and if Star Trek can't deliver, audiences will go elsewhere.
But truth be told, if Paramount makes the decision to go forward with a TV series it will need to be at lest half as good as the movie, which will be hard to do week after week.  Perhaps Star Trek would be better suited as a movie franchise than a TV series at this point.  Then again, I could be wrong.

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