Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Avatar. Are You Seeing it?

I spotted these 2 new TV ads for Avatar over on AMC’s new blog, ‘Script to Screen’ and it kind of got me thinking. “Am I excited for Avatar?”
It is now 10 days until one of the biggest films of the year will be releasing and I find myself feeling a bit indifferent about it.   As most of you know, (if you read my last Avatar post, which you can read here), I haven’t been that excited by the trailers that I’ve seen coming out for Avatar.  The 2 ads above really don’t do very much for me either.  Perhaps they are just too short to really get me into the ‘Avatar’ film.
Are you feeling the same way I am? 
I’m getting the feeling that some of you are just as underwhelmed as I am, so I decided to make a poll out of it.  I want to know, “Are you going to see Avatar?”  Are you waiting?  Or is this a rental for you?
I think it will be interesting to see how many people plan on see Avatar, compared to who will not.  In any case I just hope I get enough responders to the poll to make it worth while.  So, make sure that you vote and we’ll see how the poll ends up. 
(By the way, the poll is on the side bar close to the top of my blog.  Thanks again.)

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