Friday, December 4, 2009

Its Friday

Yes, its that time of the week again when people get happy that the work week is done.  Then again for some, the week may only be beginning, and so for you I would like to offer a humble pat on the back. Sorry for your luck my friend.

So what story should I leave you with this week. Should I talk about Tiger Woods?  Will he or will he not get a divorce?  Or should I talk about the Grammy Nominations?  Or the Olympics?  Or for those tech enthusiasts, should I be talking about Comcast buying NBC.  The truth is its Friday and I really didn't want to send you into your weekend on any of these stories.

And so what to write.

The Movie blog usually leaves its guests with "Forgotten Fridays", a post about films from the past that we forgot about and which unfortunately isn't posted yet this week.  Inside Timmy's Mind is leaving you with his Christmas Tree, how big and wonderful the ornaments are and what they mean to him.  So, "What should I leave you with?"  Well,  I'm not sure.

So I thought I'd be creative and try and write something that at lest would be somewhat entertaining, given my dilemma.  Perhaps videogame news would do!  Or a funny video.  Or maybe non of those. 

Perhaps thank you is enough.  Thank you for reading my blog through the week.  Thank you for your comments and patronage to my site.   You are very much appreciated and your feed back is nice.  So, I hope you have a great weekend.  And I hope to see you next week.  So good bye again and be safe this weekend.

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