Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Box Office has it biggest Weekend Ever

Script to Screen is reporting that this past Christmas weekend was not only the biggest Christmas box office weekend, but also the biggest box office weekend ever with an estimated $285 million made for the domestic market.

This weekend saw the release of some pretty big movies. Sherlock Holmes pulled in $65.2 million dollars, $24.5 million of which it made on Christmas day, making it the biggest Christmas release ever.  But, the big winner for this past weekend was Avatar with $75 million which is actually quite good for its second week, as last week you will remember it pulled in about $73 million domestically. 

I’m not sure what this means for us in North America.  Are we more lonely this year, or are people looking to get out more on Holidays?  It would be interesting to really find out what has lead to this increased interest in going to the theatre on Christmas.  For my family we have a long standing tradition of meeting for Christmas Dinner and spending the day together.  I doubt that it would ever change to us heading to the movies on Christmas, but clearly for a lot of people going to the movies is part of their Christmas holiday.

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