Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Group is a Scam


As many of you know, I put up a post a few weeks ago talking about the issues surrounding the changes that were made to Facebook’s privacy settings. (If you haven’t read it click here.)  Well, it appears that there are more problems facing Facebook than just privacy issues.

The Next Web is reporting that the Facebook Group “WE’RE AGAINST THE 4.99 A MONTH CHARGE FOR FACEBOOK FROM JUNE 30TH 2010'”  is one giant scam.  According to The Next Web, this group, which had 133,000 members at the time they published their post (93 members currently), looks to have been created with the intent of infecting Facebook user’s computers with Malware.  The truth is Facebook currently has no plans of charging for the use of their website, but people seeing the group jump on thinking that its true, when in fact its false information.  Also, on the group page there is a URL that apparently when clicked sends you to a site that attempts to download and install 25 files onto your computer.

Its really sad to see that the “WE’RE AGAINST THE 4.99 A MONTH CHARGE FOR FACEBOOK FROM JUNE 30TH 2010” group hasn’t been taken down as yet.  Upon visiting the page today there were people still in the group posting to the wall.  Facebook really needs to start taking security on there site more seriously.  I know that its probably difficult given the number of users that Facebook has, but I have to believe that at lest one person must have reported this group already, since its the day after The Next Web posted this story. Lets just hope that things improve on Facebook.

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