Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why don’t People Leave Tiger Alone?

tiger-woods-baby-10 That’s a question that I keep asking myself.  Why do people seem to delight in taking others down and trying to expose every detail of their lives?  Why are we really interested in Tiger Wood’s accident?

I’m not sure where this fascination comes from.  Maybe our lives are just boring and so we need to participate in someone else's drama to feel like our lives have meaning.  But in any case the amount of attention that this story seems to be getting and the allegations and rumours are a bit much for me.  I personally wasn’t going to comment on any of what was going on with this story.  Then I noticed this story over at TMZ.

TMZ is reporting that you can now ‘bet’ on whether or not Tiger Woods will get a divorce.  (Yes you heard that right.)  There is now a website devoted to betting on whether or not Tiger Woods will get a divorce.  This is where I think this has really crossed a line.  This is someone’s life, or actually I should say 2 peoples lives since his wife is in the middle of this.  Now there are other women coming forward saying they had an affair with Tiger and its just all a mess.

Lets be honest here.  If we were in this situation, where we were cheated on or we were cheating, I think we would want some privacy to sort things out.  I come from a belief that marriage is to last till someone dies (till death do we part), and that people shouldn’t be interfering in someone else's relationship to the extent that it cases trouble for that relationship to mend when there is trouble.  If Tiger cheated on his wife, he need to deal with it.  Not us.  Nor do we have a right to know if he cheated or not.  Non of us married Tiger Woods or his wife.

So please, lets just leave them alone and let them work out there issues.  Please.

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