Thursday, December 10, 2009

Series of the Week: Tekzilla

For those of you that know.  I’ve kind of been giving out a lot of entertainment news lately and not as much tech.  So I decided to do a technology podcast for this weeks ‘Series of the Week’. 

Tekzilla is one of the more popular podcasts over on the Revision 3 network and can probably be best described as the reincarnation of the ‘Screen Savers’. (You know the popular TV series that stared Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, and Kevin Rose, along with others.)  This show has some great tech news and little technology segments that will be sure to satisfy the geek in you. 

Veronica Belmont is cute, witty and knows her tech.  And Patrick Norton,  well, he knows his tech.  In any case.  click the video watch and enjoy. 

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