Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jamie Oliver sued for Dressing Like 'The Villiage People'

In what can only be described as the strangest case I ever heard of, Jamie Oliver is getting sued for dressing like 'The Villiage People'

Yep, you heard that right. For dressing like 'The Villiage People'.

Above you will see an image advertising Jamie's American Road Trip, which has him and a group of guys dressed like 'The Village People'.  Apparently, as John Giacobbi (the lawyer suing Jamie Oliver) puts it, this image represents copyright infringement.  You read that right.  Copyright Infringement.

Jamie, by dressing up like 'The Villiage People' in an advertisment for his show, violated The Villiage People's copyright.  I can understand that for The Villiage People their outfits are part of their image, but how can you really copyright the way someone dresses?  And does this mean if me and some of my friends decide to dress as The Villiage People for Halloween, do we need to pay The Village People money? 

Personally, I think that this lawsuit is ridiculous and I hope that Jamie Oliver gets off. 

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