Sunday, December 27, 2009

Will you buy an iSlate?

apple-logo1 MacRumors is speculating that you just might.

You remember those rumours about Apple making a Tablet that have been swirling around the Internet for months and months.  Well it appears that Apple’s Tablet might finally have a name.

The guys at MacRumors did some digging and found that Apple has recently registered the domain ‘’.  MacRumors further speculates that Apple has registered this domain for the its new Tablet device. 

Whether that is the real name or not is uncertain.  Certainly, Apple thought that it was important enough of a name to buy the domain and then to try and hide the fact that they purchased it.   Truth be told it could be a name that they may never use or use much later.  Microsoft apparently had the domain registered since 1996  and has only recently made use of it. 

In any case, if this tablet is coming out we will certainly hear about it soon enough.  Maybe even in January as there is CES coming up and MacWorld Expo (which apparently will not be attending).

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