Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tracking Your MP:Theirs an App For That

Do you ever feel disgruntled with the way in which your government seems to work?  Did you ever want to know just what your elected representative is up to?  Well there's and App for that.

Yahoo News is reporting that Labour MP Derek Wyatt is the first elected official in the world to use a new iPhone app called MyMP.  MyMp is an app which allows constituents to keep tabs on their elected official and even allows individuals to contact their elected official directly from the app. 

The hope for the MPs using the App is that they will be able to be more accountable to their constituents and be able to engage with a new generation of voters that may not normally be engaged in politics.  But is this app good for society?  I think that its kind of cool for MPs to use this app, but I have to wonder if apps like MyMP will lead employers to want to use simular applications with their employees.  Imagine a company using an applications like MyMP to help them better manage their employees.

If this App works to increase the accountability of elected officials with their constituents, I think its great and its a wonderful app for people to have.  Lets just hope it stays there.

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