Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apple offers $10,000

apple-logo1 But you need to buy something first.

Business Journal is reporting that Apple will be offering the person that downloads the 10 billionth app from their app store, a $10,000 dollar gift certificate to the iTunes store.  Which should happen should be downloaded by the end of the month. 

Its kind of cool to think that just a little while ago Apple wasn’t even going to have a app store.  When the iPhone first released Steve Jobs said that we don’t need apps and wanted companies to create web applications for the device.  Now just a few years later,  Apple is closing in on their 10 billionth download from their store.

In any case, anyone that wants to win this contest should keep in mind that Apple is restricting you to only 25 entries per day.  I guess Apple is concerned with people simply downloading to win the $10,000 gift certificate.  Which I kind of thought was the point of this contest anyway. 

Then again, I guess we really shouldn’t reward those that game the system.

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