Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans International Trailer

I can't wait to see this film.

For those that don't know, 'Clash of the Titans' is a remake of the 1981 film by the same name, and follows the story of Perseus's rebellion against the Gods of Olympus after the lose of his family to the vengeful God of the Underworld, Hades. 

All of the trailers that I have seen for Clash of the Titans have been impressive.  Although, I am a bit worried.  Not that I'm worried about the film being good per se.  Its just that recently there has been some talk about the possibility of Clash of the Titans being converted to 3D.  I'm all for 3D, when 3D was what the director envisioned doing from the beginning of the filmmaking process.  In this case 3D is just gettting tacked on in a hope of making more money.

Clash of the Titans 3D could be a good experience to watch, but not a very exceptional one, like that in Avatar.  The only good thing about this conversion to 3D will be the fact that we will be spared the cheesy 3D devices, like having objects placed into the screen. (At lest I hope.)
But then again,  in some ways it might be good now that I think of it.  Unlike many 3D films that enphasize the 3D aspects of the film, because Clash of the Titans was designed without 3D in mind, it could be used to bring further immersion.  My biggest gripe with 3D is with the way that it sometimes can work to take you out of a film.  Also, 3D sometimes gets over emphasized in movies, at the expense of other components like the story and plot, and so a film becomes about showing you just how visually stunning the film is.

I sincerely hope that Clash of the Titans lives up to its trailer. And doesn't become a technical showcase film.

So are you looking forward to Clash of the Titans?  Are you going to see it in 3D?

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