Sunday, February 14, 2010

Through Kevin Smith From the Plane

Sorry I couldn't help the obvious movie reference in my title.

CBS is reporting that Kevin Smith was thrown off of a South Western Airlines flight from Oakland due to his weight.  That's right they throw a famous director from a plane because of his weight.  Apparently, they considered Kevin Smiths weight to be some kind of safety hazard and ask for him to leave the flight.

I think its really unreasonable what Southwestern did to Kevin Smith (assuming the allegations are true). I have to wonder if they thought that some how it wouldn't get out what happened.  Its one thing to throw off us normal citizens, but in the Internet age its pretty well impossible for news like this not to get out.

Last year, many of you may remember the above video from a group of musicians who witnessed United Airlines break their guitars while they took a flight with them.  In this case, the group were a bunch of average guys,  they weren't really famous or anything,  but they were still able to get there message out about the way they were treated by United.  But with Kevin Smith, who is high profile enough to speak directly to the media, its kind of interesting to see him to opt for a different approach.

Kevin Smith for the last day, has been bashing Southwest Airlines through Twitter.  For those that are interested you can follow all of the Southwest Airlines bashing on his twitter page at @ThatKevinSmith.
From his tweets, its pretty clear that Kevin isn't very happy with the way that he was treated and apparently isn't to happy with the fact that Southwest still hasn't called him to investigate what happened.  Mashable published an article which stated that Southwest had attempted to call Kevin Smith, but Kevin Smith has refuted that, as he wrote,
Hey @mashable: Just cause @SouthwestAir BLOGS they tried to call, doesn't make it true: 24hrs AND STILL NO PHONE CALL.
So its kind of becoming he said she said kind of an affair, but its still interesting to watch.  But seriously, I hope that there is a good explanation for what happened.  Being a slightly larger person myself, I find it disappointing that someone could be thrown off of a plane so randomly like that.  I just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.

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