Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameron Moves On

This is sad news.

Ever since Terminator Salvation opened to somewhat poor results, their has been calls for the death of the franchise.  Everyone from Joss Whedon to other entities online have said that the Terminator franchise has run its course.  Although, I disagree.  I actually liked Terminator Salvation, but I know I’m probably in a minority.

But there was hope out there for the Terminator Franchise.  Many of us thought that James Cameron, the series creator, would return to the franchise that he helped to create and bring it back to where it once was as a franchise.  But alas, it appears that those hopes are now dashed.

From an interview with MTV, (posted above), its clear that James has moved on.  And I don’t necessarily blame him.  He is now about 20 years removed from the Terminator Franchise and for him to return, it would probably feel like something of a step backwards for him.   Albeit he would be making some fans very happy if he did. 

I wish James well in his decision not to return, and I hope the next guy that gets handed the series does a great job with it. We need a good Terminator film.


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