Wednesday, January 27, 2010

World Waits on Apple


Unless your not much of a tech geek,  you probably already know about Apple’s press conference which is scheduled to happen later today.

At this press conference Apple is expected to take the raps off of there highly rumoured Tablet PC or iSlate, as some believe it will be called. 

The iSlate comes surrounded by much hype and bold claims on the part of Apple enthusiasts.  From revolutionizing the print industry, to being a better book reader than the Kindle, to a great multi-media device. 

Whatever the case, Apple at lest believes that this device is a big deal.  A big enough deal in fact to make sure that nothing would get out about this rumoured device before the announcement.  At lest nothing concrete.

In all truth,  I won’t be one of the people jumping on the Apple band wagon until I personally see the device.  I’ve been thinking of getting  a laptop, but I’m just not sure if a tablet would be a good chose for me.  Sure Tablets are great to draw on, and for watching media, but I want something with a keyboard.  So I have to wonder what Apple will do to over come this hurdle.  Certainly, people said the same thing about the iPhone’s lack of a keyboard and they eventually got use to it, but I have to think that in a work environment your going to want the feeling of keys under your fingers.

But in any case,  before I get to far ahead of myself talking about whether I think this device will be good or not,  I’ll just stop here and wait for the announcement to at lest come out. 

So what are your thoughts?  Are you waiting for the iSlate?

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