Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Clip from Legion

Angels get down to Business.

I think that is probably a better title than what I chose for this post, but I'll just leave it the way it is.

The clip above is from Legion, a film in which God wants to destroy the world by bringing about the Apocalypse, and Michael (God's Archangel) decides to rebel against God and protect a pregnant women whose child is the saviour of the world.  It seems like a pretty interesting premise to a film and all the trailers that have come out have been a bit creepy with many possessed people, as well as, Angels (Gabriel in particular) that have shed the halo and white robes for a much darker palette of colors and a mace with spikes.

The clip above seems to serve to show us that Legion is not kiddie flick, but is very grown up as the Angels, etc. really get down to business in this movie.  Looking at the story, Legion isn't that original, as many films have had a similar premise.  Children of Men was the last film that I can think of that had a similar premise.  But, I must admit that Legion does look somewhat entertaining, although it also does turn me off a little.

Being a Christian in an increasingly religiously diverse city, and dealing with many non religious people.  I find that many people seem to have a miss understanding of just who God is and what he is like.  Many people believe that God is quite cruel and vengeful and it seems like Legion plays upon these feelings that people have with in our society.  Certainly, I don't know how things will ultimately play out in the movie, as I haven't seen it yet.  But, the idea of thinking that God, whom I find to be merciful and gracious, is actually mean, evil and ultimately is just sitting up there thinking of when he should just come and wipe us all out, is a bit offensive.  Or at lest it just rubs me the wrong way.

Maybe I'm taking it a bit too seriously, but I have to wonder what thought processes these guys went through while making Legion.  Then again, maybe I'll just wait to answer that question when I see the movie.

So what are your thoughts on Legion?  Do you like the clip?

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