Monday, January 25, 2010

Gremlins 3D?

Ah Gremlins.

Growing up in the 80s, we were treated to many great comedies and campy films.  Gremlins was one of those classic films. At the time, Gremlins was very original and great fun to watch with your friends.

But now with many 80s classics making a come back in the form of a remake.  It seems that Gremlins is up for some remake magic.   The Movie Blog is reporting on a rumour that a Gremlins 3D film is in the early stages of development. 

And I have to ask myself why.

Gremlins was a franchise that worked very well in the 80s, but I'm just not sure how Gremlins could really benefit from a remake or from 3D.  Don't get me wrong, I very much love the Gremlins franchise,  I'm just not sure how it would work.

Certainly, some creative person out there could find a way for Gremlins to work for our current audience, I just think that it will probably never have the same magic that it had in the 80s.  My one hope is that if they bring the Gremlins back, they decide to continue to use puppets as in the 80s film and not CGI models.

So what are your thoughts?  Are you looking forward to Gremlins?

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