Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Sequels in Trouble

I must admit that I haven't gotten out to see Sherlock Holmes yet at the theatre, but I can say that it has done very well with over $230 million worldwide.  Its just unfortunate that there seems to have developed a very interesting controversy surrounding some comments made by Sherlock Holmes star Robert Downy Jr. on The Tonight Show With David Letterman.

Apparently, Robert Downey Jr. (which you can see above) made some comments that seemed to indicate that Sherlock Holmes and Watson had a somewhat "homo erotic" relationship in the movie.  These comments haven't sat very well with the current rights holder  of the Sherlock Holmes franchise, Andrea Plunket.  Andrea has stated that, if this (a gay Sherlock Holmes and Watson) is going to be the future direction of the franchise she will not be allowing any further films in the franchise, as this goes against the "spirit" of the books.

Now it seems that some people seem to think that Andrea is really just taking this situation too seriously, but I have to agree with her.  I've never read the Sherlock Holmes books, but from what I know, Sherlock Holmes and Watson always have had a close relationship without being gay.

Why can't two guys in a movie share a very close relationship, without them being gay?  I remember after The Lord of the Rings trilogy came out many people seemed to think that Sam and Frodo were gay.  Anyone that read the books or saw the end of The Return of the King clearly knows that Sam gets married to a women, and the relationship he has with Frodo doesn't evolve farther than a close friendship.  But that never stopped people from saying that Frodo and Sam were gay.

Now people are trying to imply that Sherlock Holmes and Watson are gay.  And you know what, I haven't seen the movie so I really don't know what people are seeing in Sherlock Holmes.  Nor do I really know the source of Robert Downey Jr.'s comments.  Was he just joiking?  The truth is I hope he is joking since I don't want to see a gay Sherlock Holmes and Watson.  Sorry I have nothing against anyone that is gay, as I find them to be very nice people.  I just don't want to see a gay Sherlock Holmes.

But in any case, what are your thoughts on this whole situation?  Do you want to see a Gay Sherlock Holmes?  Is this just a publicity stunt?

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