Thursday, January 7, 2010

Repo Men Green Trailer

In the future, a company called 'The Union" will develop human body enhancements to improve the lives of all humans.  The only problem is what they don't tell you.  If you fail to make your payments The Union will send repo men to reposses their parts regardless if it kills you.

That is the basic concept behind the aptly named "Repo Men" film being released on April 2, 2010.  It does seem like a fairly interesting concept for a film, but what I do find more interesting is the timing of this film.  The release of this film comes during the time Americans are debating public health care, and so,  I have to wonder if this film will try to speak into the debate or if it was the intention of the author of the book "Repossession Mambo", which the film is based off of, to speak to this issue.

Even though Repo Men is a sci fi idea, you have to wonder how things like body enhancements will really be handled in the future.  Currently, the only body enhancements we are pace makers and artificial motorized limbs,  but what happens when things get a bit more sophisticated.  Or what if a profit minded company developes these artifical limbs how will it be handled?  Will Medicare cover it?  I'm actually glad I live in Canada and we get our health care paid for, but from what I'm hearing from the US, it seems you guys have a different story.

In any case, we can watch how everything plays out come April 2 with the release of Repo Men.  So what are your thoughts?

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