Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avatar is #1 All Time Worldwide


Many of you will remember that yesterday I wrote about how Avatar had beaten the all time international box office record with $1.288 billion.  Also, how Avatar at its current pace was expected to break the all time worldwide box office record this week.

Well it appears that Avatar broke the worldwide box office record a bit faster than I thought.  AMC’s Script to Screen blog is reporting that Avatar has beat Titanic to claim the all time worldwide box office record.   It’s really unbelievable to think that in just 6 weeks any film could pull in more than $1.8 billion at the box office, but here Avatar has done it. 

Just how high Avatar could go, no one is really sure.  CBS is estimating that Avatar could pass the $2 billion mark, which is very reasonable give the fact that there aren’t any big 3D films coming until Alice in Wonderland in March. 

Avatar however, has quite away to go to break the all time box office record with adjustments to inflation.  ‘Gone with the Wind’ still holds the record with an estimated $6 billion after inflation.

But all in all, Avatar has performed really impressively.

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