Monday, January 25, 2010

Avatar Beats Titanic Overseas


The Hollywood Report is reporting that Avatar has officially broke the record for all-time international box office sales with $1.288  billion, beating Titanic (the previous record holder) by $46 million.

What is interesting about this report is that both China and Russia are listed as major players in Avatar’s success.  Also, the international market has accounted for 70% of Avatar’s over all success.  Its kind of interesting to think that the International market is now a bigger deal than the Domestic markets for Hollywood. 

I guess now Hollywood may feel some motivation to not only satisfy the Domestic market, but the markets overseas.  Which could be a good thing for those that have been wishing to see a less American centric films come out of Hollywood.

Avatar still has a couple hurdles to overcome though.  Avatar still needs to beat Titanic’s record for Highest Worldwide box office gross of $1.8408 billion and Titanic’s record for at the domestic box office with $600.8 million.  Which Avatar may just do with in a week.

Its kind of crazy to think that just a little over a month ago many of us were wondering if Avatar would even sale, and here it is fastly becoming the Highs Grossing film in History.  James Cameron must be having a field day with those that doubted him. 

In any case, we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks what the new record will be at the box office.  Well, that’s assuming Avatar keeps up its current pace at the box office.

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