Friday, January 8, 2010

Green Lantern Gets the Go Ahead


This news is currently going around the Internet with many crafty puns.  Like, Green Lantern gets a Green Light, or Green Lantern Green lit.  So I decided to just leave it at “Gets the Go Ahead. No more puns.

In any case, I’m really excited for this film project.  Green Lantern has been my favourite comic book character for sometime now and to finally be able to see him on scene is just great.

Certainly, I have a little bit of a reservation with Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordon. Not that Ryan Reynolds is a bad actor, I just haven’t seen him really play a serious character and Hal Jordon strikes me as a serious character.  Well, that is assuming that they don’t decide to redefine Hal’s character like they did with Sherlock Holmes. 

But with a $150 million budget and a great director in Martin Campbell at the helm.  I have faith that these guys know what they are doing.   So what are you thoughts on Green Lantern? 

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