Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dare 2 Dream Again

This is a plug for my friend Tim over on the Inside Timmy's Mind blogs. 

You ever have something that you’ve always dreamed of doing but you felt that it was so incredible and out of reach that you could never obtain it.  Well its time to ‘Dare 2 Dream’ my friend.

My friend Tim over on the 'Inside Timmy’s Mind’ blog is doing just that, Daring to Dream.  He has set out on a goal to complete a list of 18 things before his 37th birthday on July 20,2010.  Now, some people may say that his dreams are unattainable, or to lofty, but I believe he would say that its probably more like “sheer lunacy” to try and attempt these 18 goals in 25 weeks.

And you know what? It is sheer lunacy to try and accomplish your dreams.  How many people really get to be an famous actor?  Or a famous musician?  How many people become CEOs?  For some, the dream might be to get married and have children, to get a decent job and a home.  But very few really get to chase the dream that they’ve always dreamt about in their youth.

Fewer still continue to dream as adults.  Life begins to get boring and routine, and eventually ends up being about simple not rocking the ship.  That is why I’m supporting Tim in his endeavour.  We all need to continue to dream.  Just because life seems to be settling down, doesn’t necessarily mean that we also need to.  I know that some may disagree with this, but I feel that we are here for a purpose bigger than ourselves, that doesn’t end until the Lord takes us.

Growing up in the church and reading the Bible, I’ve come across stories of people that worked up until death on a particular calling.  That was there mission, or dream to complete before they pass on.  You have a calling to, something that you need to do.

I apologize if I’m coming off a bit preachy today,  but its Sunday and I feel a need to say this.  Find what your passionate about and pursue it with all your  heart.  And to Tim.  Keep going.  Press on to your dream.

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