Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who Needs Data When We Have WiMax

I wonder how long it will take to get to Canada.

Do you like your iPhone, but you hate your data network? Well there is a new solution for you. Above is Sprint’s new commercial for Sprint Overdrive , a Wi-Fi hub which boasts up to 4G speed on Clear’s 4G network. That’s faster than AT & T’s 3G network and could be a great solution for you and your friends when you go out. Well that is assuming you live in the US.

I just can’t wait for stuff like this to hit the Canadian market. Data is getting better up here in Canada, but nothing currently offered allows you to really parse your data connection with other devices. Sure you can tether to your cellphone, but that is hardly the same has being able to connect 5 different devices. Devices like Sprint’s Overdrive could dramatically reduce data costs, especially for people that work in groups. No longer do people need to have data for ever device, now they can share it with one of these hubs.

I think this is a great thing that Sprint is doing and I hope it comes up here. 

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