Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hulk 2?


It doesn’t look good.

The Movie Blog is reporting that Marvel may not be making a Hulk 2. This is really disappointing given how good ‘The Incredible Hulk’ was done, as it made up for the horrible mistake that was Ang Lee’s Hulk and it really looked like ‘The Incredible Hulk’ was finally going somewhere. But, now there is word that Marvel may not be willing to bring Hulk out for another outing.


While speak at SXSW, Edward Norton was asked about a Hulk 2. To this Edward responded,

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I think it has got more to do with what Marvel is doing. I get the sense they have this grand vision of unspooling a lot of their characters and then starting to put them together. I think they can only do so many at a time. Obviously, they are doing Iron Man 2 and then getting some of the new ones out.”

This is really disappointing. I hope Marvel reconsiders their decision or that this is simply an over site. We need more Hulk.


  1. Wait a minute Billy Bob..How dare to trash the original Ang Lee's version after praising it constantly. That's hypocrisy :) I on the other hand have always said it was dull..boring and wanted my money back after seeing it.
    But alas I digress...I am most disappointed that Ed Norton is not doing another HULK..for what ever reason. I have always stated and will again..that Ed Nortons HULK was great movie from cinematography to the film score [which has clips of the Bad Ass 70's HULK theme interspersed].
    But I still have to look at this from Marvel's perspective. As a business decision, it might be the right thing to introduce multiple 'Origins' of characters. It's also the safest thing both from the shear volume they can produce and make as much money as possible [because people will still go see an origins movie even if it's a lame character like Green Lantern] before this trend dies off.

  2. I agreed with you up until the Green lantern comment. I think Hulk deserves a sequel. The last one was amazing and its worth taking the chance on a sequel.