Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sony Makes Fun of Wii and Natal

There is a saying that I learned when I was younger. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It appears that Sony has forgotten that rule.

In Sony’s new commercial for Playstation Move (see above), Sony makes fun of both the Wii and the Microsoft’s Natal. I ask myself why. Why would a company that very clearly ripped off the idea of another company be willing to make fun of the company they ripped off and their other competitor? It doesn’t make sense since their obvious copying could be easily pointed out.

But, are Sony’s criticisms of the Wii and Natal Accurate? I would have to say that Sony is kind of right. Boxing and other activities on Wii haven’t been one to one, often leaving people to simply flailing their hands in the air. And with the Natal, I’ve really wondered how it would be to pretend to hold something. It might be cool for a bit, but I think it could get old real fast. Then again, we haven’t seen the finished product yet so I can’t accurately speak about Project Natal.

Although I agree with Sony, I think Sony needs to try and keep their mouth shut. Then again, maybe that’s just me.


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