Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Yes it’s true. Batman is ending.

AMC's Screen to Script blog is reporting that the third film in the Batman series will be the end of the current story. Exactly, if that means that Christopher Nolan is done with Batman after the next Batman film is still unclear. Also, the end of a story line doesn't mean that Batman is necessarily over either. With The Dark Knight still sitting as one of the most successful films in history, it would be very surprising if Warner Bros. was in a huge rush to end the series. If Christopher can end Batman on a high note, it would assure all of us of a 4th film.

But if Christopher Nolan gets a bit of Sam Raimi syndrome and produces a bad 3rd movie, maybe we'll get a reboot for the 4th film. This wouldn’t be necessarily a bad thing, if done right. As for Christopher Nolan continuing to direct Batman, I'm not sure that he really wants to. It’s pretty clear that Christopher Nolan wants to do different films. After each Batman, Christopher has taken a break in order to film another film, so I wouldn't be surprised if he left after the 3rd film.

In any case, the question that we have before us now is, “If Chris decides to walk, who should replace him on Batman 4? I can't really think of a director that could really fit in the way that Christopher Nolan has. Whomever they get will have to bring us a very different Batman in order to try and escape the obvious comparisons between their work and Christopher Nolan’s.
I wonder if Tim Burton is interested to coming back to Batman. Maybe he can convince Michael Keaton to come back as well. Ok, maybe not. What do you think?

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