Thursday, March 25, 2010

Facebook Gives You Syphilis

Ok, maybe not.

But that hasn't stopped some reporters from sensationalizing that idea. According to Gizmodo, all of this was started by The Guardian who ran an article entitled "Facebook spreads syphilis". Apparently, The Guardian cited an study in which researchers found young people in areas most affected by syphilis were 25% more likely to log on to Facebook. Also, 30 people that they had found infected with syphilis reported hooking up with people whom they had met through social networks like Facebook.

Certainly, Facebook and many other social networks over the years have been used by people to hook up with sexual partners, but it’s unfortunate the reporters have used studies like this to sensationalize the idea that social networks (Facebook in particular) could give you syphilis, or any other kind of sexual transmitted disease. Truth be told, we are dealing with people that in my opinion have been irresponsible in hooking up with random people on Facebook. It’s not Facebooks fault. Yet Facebook seems to be getting blamed for all of this.

If someone chooses to do something stupid we can't just start blaming social networks. That's just bad journalism.

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