Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anyone Want an iPad?

I do. Ok maybe not.

But for those of you that are just itching for an iPad you might be in luck. On this week’s Twit podcast, Leo Laporte decided to pick someone at random on twitter and had everyone watching the show follow this random person (Lisa Etheridge (@LisaTickledPick)) in a bid to beat the number of followers that Sarah Killen (@LovelyButton) received after Conan O’Brien decided to follow her.

To those that help in Leo’s effort to beat Sarah’s number of followers, he has decided to randomly select one of Lisa’s followers before the next Twit Podcast and give them an Apple iPad. So, if you’re just curious about the device or really desire one, this could be your opportunity to get one, especially if you live outside the US.

Whether or not Leo will be able to beat Sarah’s number of followers is uncertain. As of the writing of this post Sarah has 19, 459 followers, while Lisa has 14, 795. Whatever the case, Lisa and a luckily follower will be walking away with an iPad.

Well, that’s assuming that anyone with an iPad is lucky.

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