Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reactions to Del Toro’s Departure

Hey guys, I just thought I’d share this video with you since it has a really good discussion on Guillermo del Toro’s departure from The Hobbit.

John Campea from The Script to Screen blog at AMC put this video together, which asked many pundits from various films sites just what they thought about del Toro’s departure from the Hobbit as well as, who they think should replace him.

My money says that no one is going to want to be attached to The Hobbit until MGM sorts out their money problems. But if I had my choice in terms of director I would probably lean towards Neil Blomkamp. Why you might ask? Because he will probably still work for cheap since he has one film under his belt, which will help the studio in its financial turnaround, if there is one. He has shown that he can work effectively with Peter Jackson and I really feel that he has a lot of potential to give us a good film.

So what about you, who would you like to see replace del Toro?


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