Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skank Robbers the Movie

Growing up in the 90s I remember watching the shows like 'Martin' and 'In Living Color'. That is why when I saw this trailer over on The Movie Blog, I was pretty happy to see these characters again. Sheneneh and Wanda were hilarious in their time and so just to see them in any form was great. Then I heard they were making a movie based on these characters and I was looking forward to seeing the film. But I started thinking, Was this a good idea?

Sheneneh was just a side character that popped up every so often in 'Martin' and Wanda only appeared in short skits. Could these Sheneneh and Wanda characters really hold down a whole movie together and still be funny? I think that characters like Sheneneh and Wanda would find it hard to be interesting and funny for anything long like a feature length film, since there whole gag was that they were always chasing after some man and they were ugly, (beside the fact that the audience knew it was a guy dressed up like a women playing the role).

Also, given the fact that both of these characters have been off TV for over 10 years I have to wonder if its really a good idea to try and bring them back. There is probably a good portion of the movie going audience that will not even recognize these characters and thus are not immediately interested in seeing a movie about them.

I think this film is probably 10 years to late. Then again, I will probably still go to see it. What do you think? Are you interested in this movie?

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