Monday, November 23, 2009

Daring to Dream

Many of us have done it.  Went out and dreamed of a day that you would be some where or accomplish something so grand that you probably wouldn’t even believe that it could be accomplished. For some their dream has been to become a famous athlete or singer or actor or politician.  (Ok maybe not a politician)  You had a dream of something that you wanted to accomplish and it became the driving force of your life.

That is what my friend Tim Boyle over at the “Inside Timmy’s Mind” blog is doing.  He had a dream of seeing Bob Newhart do stand up before he died and thanks to his parents and an open date on his calendar, his dream will come true.  But He has an even grander dream now.  He has managed to get an extra ticket to the show and has now set up a mission to try and get his second idol, Ben Stiller, to come to Toronto and see the show with him.

Some of the people reading this probably think that Tim’s dream is absolutely ridiculous.  To see Bob Newhart do stand up with Ben Stiller.  Maybe it is ridiculous, but aren't’ all dreams.   For those that want to be actors, they must realize that the chance that they will make it to fame and fortune is almost nil, as there are only so many parts in Hollywood and thousands of actors vying for them.  Becoming a famous actor goes beyond simple hard work and talent, it requires some luck and opportunity to reach any form of fame or fortune.  So why do it?

The point were someone starts to question the validity of there goal is the point were most people give up.  Or worse yet they stop dreaming all together.  I think that stopping to dream is probably the greatest tragedy of our society.  Most people see their busy lives and obligations as a reason not to dream, and so they just continue through life just survive or worse yet forcing there dreams on to there kids. 

Don’t stop dreaming. Please for your kids and for yourself. I’m not saying that  your should shove your responsibilities.  What I am saying is that you as a parent need to be an inspiration to your kids.  How will your kids learn to dream if you don’t show them?  And besides I feel that this is how people live fulfilled lives,  by accomplishing there dreams. 

I have a dream of moving out of my parents home, by some time next year.  I don’t know how I’m going to do it, as I’m unemployed currently.  But its the dream that gives me hope that some day soon I’ll have my own place.  Dreaming isn’t necessarily knowing every detail of how something will be accomplished.  Part of the dream is figuring out how its all going to work out.

That’s why I applaud Tim and I hope that his dream comes true.  Bravo Tim.  Thanks for the inspiration.

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