Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dare to Dream Update

Hey guys.  As you can remember from a few days ago.  My friend Tim Boyle over at the ‘Inside Timmy’s Mind’ blog  was on a quest to see Bob Newhart in stand-up with Ben Stiller.  Well there has been a development in the story.

A friend of ours Vanessa Strickland was able, through twitter to get to Ben Stiller.  He was unfortunately unable to attend the show.  But he was gratuitous enough to thank Tim on his Twitter feed (Just look for the post @vanstar.)

I think that its pretty cool that Ben thanked Tim.  He could have simply ignored what was happened or brushed Tim off.   But to respond I think shows some class on Ben’s part. Thank you Ben. 

I would like to encourage anyone that reads this to also thank Ben.

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