Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh Brother

Have you ever went to the Theatre and been absolutely annoyed with a trailer?

I've been feeling that way lately about the trailer for the movie Brothers. Recently, I've recently been trying to see a movie every week on the cheap night at my local theatre and without fail the Brothers trailer plays before every showing each week and it just annoys me.

I have zero interest in seeing this movie so much so that it rubs me the wrong way to see the trailer and I just haven't had this happen to me before with any other movie. By now you are probably asking what is wrong with this trailer? Why does it bother me? The truth is I'm not even completely sure myself.

When I first saw the Brothers trailer it looked like a decent movie. I was saying to myself that I wouldn't mind seeing this movie when it comes out. Then, Toby Maguire's character went crazy and I was just turned off and decided never to see this movie. (At lest not in Theatres.)

I like the old formula of the girls husband or boyfriend dies and a close friend, etc. hooks up with the girl, then die husband or boyfriend is found alive and now they need to deal with what happened. But, this film (I find) tries to (at lest with the trailer as I haven't seen the movie) reinvent the wheel. The trailer seems to make this movie out to be some kind of thriller, when a film like this shouldn't be. Its just annoying.

If you missed the trailer for this film I posted it below. Tell me if you feel the same way about this movie. And what films have rubbed you the wrong way.

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