Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let’s take back our Theatre

I must say that I have not been so thoroughly impressed by a trailer before.

As you may already know from reading this blog, I’m looking forward to seeing The Expendables this August 13th. And I must say that after watching this trailer, I feel even more motivated to see this film.

According to the above trailer, my very manhood is on the line here. This trailer has issued a challenge to us men to go out and make The Expendables a more successful film than Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, Love. If we men cannot succeed we don’t deserve to be called men.

Personally I feel that this trailer is probably the most brilliant trailer I’ve seen. Not only was a laughing when I saw this trailer, it did kind of make a lot of sense. I’ve noticed an increasing number of female focused films. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the more male oriented films have been steadily on the decline. Sure there are still a lot of action films, but they have been designed to be appealing to both sexes and not just males.

You have to wonder how the people over on the Eat, Pray, Love camp will react to this trailer. It would be interesting to see if they will respond to this challenge with a similar challenge to women. Then again, women are usually a bit more sensible than that, so I think us guys will be pretty well ignored as normal.

But it is interesting to imagine that the women care, isn’t it?


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