Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Welcome back Rock.

It seems like yesterday that the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) stopped laying the “Smack Down” in the WWE and started acting. (Not that I miss him as a Wrestler.) Dwayne Johnson showed a lot of potential back then, moving into the world of film and actually doing a really great job as an actor. Films like the Rundown and even the cheesy “The Scorpion King” really set Dwayne up to be a big time film actor. But something seemingly went wrong over the years and Dwayne started to fade off into children’s comedy films. For a while I thought that Dwayne might simply drift off into obscurity. But then came the above trailer.

I have to say, Faster is looking to be just what Dwayne needs to get his career going. From the trailer, Faster is looks to be an amazing film and if it pans out that way this November when the film releases, maybe we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Dwayne.

Let’s all cross our finger that this will happen.


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