Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Bumpers for all

apple-logo1 Isn’t it great? Well Apple thinks so.

On Friday, after weeks of anger at Apple and their iPhone 4’s reception issues, Apple finally decided to hold a press conference to address the issue. As I felt, Apple instead of going with a complete recall decided instead to give everyone a free case. Now I’m not certain that the case will make everyone happy, but it should help out. Whether the free case will be enough to solve Apple’s reception issues, is still uncertain.

What is certain is that Apple seems to have decided to cover up their “self made debacle” as Rim called it, by trying to drag in their competitors. Apple, during their press conference, decided to compare their drop in signal with that of their competitors if their phones are held in a certain way. This has greatly angered Apples competitors (HTC, RIM, etc.) who have all fired back with data of their own proving that Apple was lying about their numbers.

Why Apple would pick a fight with its competitors it pretty obvious? Apple wants to try and divert people away from the real issue that Apple decided to ship a phone with problems. This is why Consumer Reports could not recommend the iPhone 4, even though it gave the phone its highest rating.

Apple really needs to start minding their own backyard, or this reception issue could really spin out of control if its allowed to do so. I’m starting to think a recall might be Apple’s safest choice. What about you?

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