Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Twins are in

transformers2last01-550x401 :(

Last night I read some news that helped me sleep better. The Twins from Transformers 2 were not going to be in Transformers 3. The rejoicing that was seen around the web at this news was amazing. Unfortunately, the news this morning wasn’t as good as last night.

The Movie Blog is reporting that the Twins are in fact still in Transformers 3. Apparently, Michael Bay just loves to joke around with us and get our hopes up. Michael probably slept better than us last night, knowing full well that this morning would be a big letdown for most of us. To that all I can say is, “Shame, Shame on you Michael.”

I just wonder what we have to do to get rid of these guys, and get Michael Bay to give us a great movie.

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