Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple Faces Antitrust Probe

apple-logo1 For many of us Apple has become synonymous with quality devices that just work, with many people unable to imagine giving up their iPods, or iPads, which is probably why whenever there are any negative reports about Apple, many readily come to Apple’s defence. After all, who really wants to make the company that gives you your beloved products angry? So I have to wonder if things will change following an Anti-trust probe.

Ars Technica is reporting that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) will be launching a Anti-Trust inquiry to look into accusations that Apple was threatening labels in order to get them not to participate in Amazon’s Daily Deal Promotion. According to the report, Apple executives didn’t like Music Labels promoting music on both iTunes and Amazon and threatened to not promote songs that were involved in the Daily Deal. What makes Apples actions especially troubling (assuming they are true) is that Apple is now the dominant player in terms of music sales and Amazon is a small player in comparison to Apple’s iTunes store.

Apple has had a pro-consumer reputation for some time now and it seems that Apple may be beginning to show that they are not necessarily for the consumer. Which shouldn’t be much of a shock since Apple like any other company out there are profit minded enterprises, who are with consumers up to a point.

If these allegations against Apple are true I would have to imagine that many people will begin to look to companies other than Apple to get their technology fix. Or then again, maybe Apple will get another pass with consumers.

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