Monday, April 26, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Trailer

Here we go again.

Just as I was beginning to forget the misery of watching the last Twilight film, they have decided to release another. In many ways I’m happy they released another Twilight film since I kind of liked the first one, and I would like to see the series improve, at least for the males in the audience.

The last Twilight film, New Moon, was a very female oriented film. There were a bunch of scenes that just went over my head, but from the giggles of the girls in the audience It looks like they got it. That is why this trailer does give me a bit of hope.

Looking at the trailer there seems to be a lot of action and things that us males could more relate to and not the more feely things that New Moon had.

I just hope that we don’t have to hear Bella moan and complain about anything in this film. Or I think I’m going to lose it.



  1. I really have no idea what you're complaining about seeing that you paid to see last Twilight film. Complaining about Twilight being 'Female oriented' is a bit like complaining about fried food being greasy...completely redundant

  2. I'm not really complaining about that so much. I understood that Twilight is a book series that is focused towards women. And if the Twilight series continues to cater to the female audience its absolutely fine with me. But as a male that goes into the film, paying to see it, I do have a right to comment on the fact that I didn't not get my full enjoyment out of the film. I understand its very female oriented, but there was nothing in the advertising to tell me or any other male, just how oriented it will be. Going into the next film, I will go in with that caveat. Or perhaps I will just avoid it.