Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Logan Lerman is NOT Spiderman

sm3_wp1_1600bWell that is according to Sony.

The Movie Blog is reporting that Logan Lerman will not be playing Spiderman. According to the Movie Blog, Sony insiders are stating that Logan Lehman is not under consideration for the role of Spiderman. Lerman apparently wasn’t even on the list of candidates that Sony was considering for the role of Spiderman.

Over the past weekend, many sites online were reporting that Logan Lerman was pretty much a lock for the role of Spiderman. So here again we are seeing that predictions or reports of an actor’s involvement in a particular role was inaccurate. You may remember that many sites were stating that Chris Pine was going to be Captain America and it never happened.

I guess that this is simply a consequence of living in the Internet age were people don’t have a lot of lead time to make sure that what they are publishing is indeed accurate. I just hope that some sites cool it down a bit, before we all lose any sense of creditability.

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