Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marvel Runs Tron Variant Covers

14404storystory_full-7404561.Late last year when Marvel was acquired by Disney, many of us wondered what influence Disney may exert on Marvel. Well, I guess we’re finally beginning to see what influence Disney may have on Marvel. Marvel in anticipation of the upcoming Tron film has decided to run a number of Tron variant covers for many of their upcoming titles.

Now I have to say that I find this type of collaboration between the two companies kind of cool. Unlike what is going on between Warner Bros. and DC who apparently still don’t want to do a JLA movie, which I don’t understand. I just wonder why WB and DC never moved to collaborate on anything really even though WB has owned DC for many years. I guess DC feels like everyone will think they are copying if they come up with any kind of strategy at this point.

Whatever the case, I really think that Marvel and Disney should continue these kinds of marketing collaboration and I hope it spills over into other projects. Although one has to wonder what covers Marvel will come out with when Disney decides to do another Mickey Mouse movie.


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