Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Wave has Ended

google_wave_logo Does anyone care?

Yesterday, Google announced on their official blog that they will stop development of their Google Wave service. For most of you, you probably never even heard about this Google service and you probably won’t care to much that it’s gone. So I’ll try and describe just what Google Wave was. Google Wave was a Twitter like collaboration tool that Google created and released last year, which allowed its users to have conversations in real time, as well as share videos and collaborate on documents, etc.

Google Wave for the most part, suffered from the fact that it mostly misunderstood by its users. For those that got what they could do with Google Wave there was nothing but praise, but for most of use, including myself, we really didn’t find much of a use for it.

Personally, I believe that if Google did more to educate people on the benefits of the service, more people would use it. But alas, I guess it’s too late.

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