Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is the Superhero Genre Dead?

The truth is I don’t know.

As many of you may have heard Matthew Vaughn, the director of the upcoming X-Men First Class, has publically stated that he believes that the Superhero genre is near death. As you can see from the above video the panel feels that Matthew Vaughn is wrong. But perhaps, Matthew Vaughn is right. Let me Explain.

Matthew in his statement said that he felt that he would probably only have the opportunity of directing a Superhero film about “2 or 3 more times”. Considering the fact that many of these big budget movies usually require between 2 to 3 years to produce were are talking about a time scale of about 6-9 years. In such a time scale, a lot of things could happen. Well that is assuming that Matthew doesn’t work on films concurrently. If that were to happen, we could be talking about a death in maybe 2-5 years.

Could the Superhero genre be dead in 2-5 years? The truth is I find it hard to believe, yet I feel that it could happen. In the land of Hollywood they have a habit of beating things to death. Superheroes are hot in Hollywood right now and so there is a ton of Superhero films coming out each and every year. With so many films in this one genre it could possible happen that people will get fatigued by these films.

Now mind you, many of these Superhero films have been pretty good, and in general good films can keep an audience. If the Superhero films were to go the way of say the 3-D films were there are a lot of bad films released, I could believe that the Superhero genre could die, but until then, I think the Superhero genre will be around for a little while longer. How much longer will be determined by whether or not Hollywood continues to produce good movies in the Superhero genre.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Superhero films are dead?


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